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Telepractice Today

Jun 28, 2021

Jessica Lenden-Holt is the Sr. Director of Clinical Services for Sidekick Therapy Partners and Owner of Speech Therapy with Lenden-Holt (Teachers Pay Teachers store, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube). She have been a speech language pathologist for 14 years. She was a Whittle Scholar at the University of Tennessee...

Jun 23, 2021

Jane Fenton is a licensed speech-language pathologist. She has worked with people across the lifespan, from early intervention to geriatrics, since receiving her Master of Science degree from Utah State University in 2011. While at Utah State, Jane also completed training in Listening and Spoken Language through the...

Jun 14, 2021

Kendra T. Allison is a licensed speech-language pathologist, teletherapist, School SLP coach and course creator, and owner of Speechology Communication Services, PLLC, based in Charlotte, NC. She's been practicing and contracting speech pathology services for 15+ years and is a new business owner. Learn more at

Jun 7, 2021

Barbara Hecht, director of Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech in the Boston area (Clarke Boston), received her undergraduate degree in linguistics and psychology at Harvard University and her PhD in linguistics and child language development at Stanford University. She has a long and accomplished career as an...