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Telepractice Today

Jun 7, 2021

Barbara Hecht, director of Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech in the Boston area (Clarke Boston), received her undergraduate degree in linguistics and psychology at Harvard University and her PhD in linguistics and child language development at Stanford University. She has a long and accomplished career as an educator and deaf education specialist. She has long been an innovator in and advocate of distance learning. Prior to her work at Clarke, Dr. Hecht directed the John Tracy Clinic (JTC) in Los Angeles, CA. At Clarke, Dr. Hecht has been a leader in the development of teleservices for families of infants and young children.  

Full report: 

Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech recently completed a project investigating telepractice policies for early intervention (EI) providers across the country. In partnership with Brown University graduate students in public affairs, Clarke conducted a state-by-state national survey of policies, funding sources and reimbursement eligibility for EI telepractice services. This national scan revealed a diverse landscape across the country. 

Clarke is a pioneer in providing and evaluating the impact of listening and spoken language (LSL) EI services via videoconferencing, offering its first tVISIT (telepractice Virtual Intervention Services for Infants and Toddlers) Program session in early 2013.